How to Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing for a New Baby

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Are you expecting a bundle of joy soon? First, let us offer you our sincerest congratulations. Babies are a source of excitement and joy. They also require quite a bit of preparation. Whether you’re a first-time parent or you’re a seasoned pro, it never hurts to make sure you’re extra ready to bring your baby home.

One of the ways to prepare your home for a new baby is to make sure your home’s plumbing is working well. The state of your plumbing might be the last thing you think you need to worry about, but it matters more than you realize. When your home’s plumbing is working well, it’s easy to focus your attention on what matters most – your family.

Here are some plumbing tips from the team at My San Dimas Plumber Hero to help you prepare your home’s plumbing:

Consider Making Upgrades

Many parents want to make the switch from disposable diapers to cloth, but don’t want to deal with the mess. We know how convenient disposable diapers are, but now there’s an eco-friendly plumbing attachment called a diaper sprayer that can be installed on your toilet to make cleaning off cloth diapers easy. These sprayers work similarly to hand-held showerheads. They are an easy way to clean cloth diapers without a lot of mess.

If you decide to stick with disposable diapers, please remember to throw the used diapers away. It’s tempting to flush small diapers, but these cause big problems for your drainage system! Also, don’t flush those “flushable” baby wipes. They don’t dissolve quickly and can catch debris, which causes blockages.

Another plumbing upgrade to consider is a water softener. Although the minerals in hard water aren’t harmful, they can dry out your baby’s sensitive skin. Installing a water softener also protects your home’s plumbing from problems caused by sediment buildup.

Protect Your Child from Hot Water Accidents

A baby’s delicate newborn skin can’t handle high water temperatures. To prevent accidental scalding, have your water heater flushed before bringing baby home. Water heaters that have a buildup of sediment in the tanks can create a rush of scalding hot water without warning. Also, check the thermostat to make sure the default temperature is set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

For added protection, consider purchasing a silicone spout cover that registers the water temperature. These handy devices cost about $30 and give you peace of mind that the water’s always the right temperature for your baby.

If you’re about to bring a new baby home, take action now to make sure your plumbing is working its best. Call your local plumbers in San Dimas at (909) 575-0400 to schedule an appointment!

How to Identify the 3 Types of Wastewater

Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Have you had a flooding or sewage emergency at your home? Do you have water damage? If so, we know you’re stressed out and wondering what happens next. How water damage in the home is handled depends on kind of wastewater that’s in the home.

There are three kinds of wastewater that can show up in your home. Keep reading to learn more.

Clean Water

No one wants to deal with water in their home, but clean water is the best kind to have because it poses no health threat. Clean water can result from leaks from toilet tanks, malfunctioning water heaters, and even rainwater. Any time you have clean water flooding your home, you can clean it up yourself with one caveat. After 48 hours, standing clean water can turn harmful and becomes classified as greywater.


Let’s talk about greywater. The good news first . . . Greywater doesn’t contain fecal matter. It’s water that comes from showers, laundry machines, sinks, and tubs. It’s a better situation to deal with than blackwater because it has fewer pathogens and is even reusable. Greywater is often used for non-potable needs such as flushing the toilet.

However, since greywater contains tiny amount of contaminants, it’s harmful to ingest. That’s why it’s important for any homeowner cleaning up greywater to take proper precautions. Pets, children, and anyone with compromised immune systems need to stay far away from greywater. If the greywater has saturated flooring, carpeting, or drywall, we recommend calling professional to take care of water damage restoration.


Blackwater is the most destructive and dangerous type of wastewater to handle. This is water that contain human waste. It can backup into a home when a sewer pipe backs up or bursts. Blackwater is gross and hosts numerous dangerous pathogens and bacteria. Skin contact with blackwater can cause illness in anyone who comes in contact with it, including pets.

At My San Dimas Plumber Hero, we advise anyone who has blackwater anywhere on there property to contact professionals to clean up the mess and figure out what’s going on.

When you have water flooding your house, you need to clean up the water, but you also need to figure out why it’s in your home in the first place. That’s when you need the help of our licensed plumbers in San Dimas. Our team has the expertise to investigate clean, grey, and blackwater flooding. We help homeowners figure out what caused the back up and make the necessary repairs.

We dispatch plumbers to homes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No job is too big for our pros to handle. For plumbing repair and replacement in San Dimas, CA, call us today!

5 Signs Your Tap Water May Be Contaminated

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Are you concerned your home’s tap water may be contaminated? Occasionally, homeowners get a bitter taste in their mouths when brushing their teeth or drinking from the tap. When this happens, it’s easy to jump to conclusions. Before you do, read this to learn more about water quality problems and when to be concerned.

The Water Has a Metallic Taste

Does your water taste like metal? If you live in an older home with lead pipes, the problem could be bits of lead flaking off and getting into the water. Call a plumber to check your pipes if you think you have lead issue.

Your Water Tastes Like a Swimming Pool

Have you noticed a strong chlorine odor and taste coming from your water? Chlorine is actually added to public water supplies to eliminate bacteria and other harmful substances in the water. In small amounts, chlorine won’t hurt you. However, it doesn’t make your water taste good. Install a filter on your kitchen faucet to get rid of the chlorine taste in your drinking water.

Your Water Smells and Tastes Like Rotten Eggs

This is sulfur that you’re tasting and smelling. It’s not harmful, but it sure doesn’t taste good. Like chlorine, sulfur odors and the bad taste it leaves behind on your tongue can be erased with a good quality water filter.

Low Water Pressure Problems

Does your water taste bad and you have low water pressure problems? This is a sign that your water pipes have corroded and the flakes of piping have caused a backup. Call a plumber in San Dimas to come out and see if this is the issue. If it is, the only real solution is to replace the damaged pipes with copper or PVC piping.

Your Water Is Cloudy

Cloudy water is a sign that some minerals haven’t been filtered out of the water. Households that have hard water tend to have these problems. Installing a water softener can eliminate hard water problems and protect your pipes and water-using appliances and fixtures from sediment buildup.

There’s Dirt in the Water

No one wants to turn on their faucets and dirt spews out. When this happens, stop using the water and call a plumber to inspect your water pipes. It’s possible there’s a small crack in the main water line that’s letting dirt in. You want to fix these cracks to stop the problem.

At My San Dimas Plumber Hero, we want you to enjoy clean water. If you’re concerned about water quality at your house, call us. We’ll send one of our experts to your home today to figure out what’s happening

Fix a Leaky Faucet in San Dimas, CA – Common Faucet Repairs

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Is a leaky faucet driving you to the brink of madness? The good news is that most faucet repairs are inexpensive and easy to do. Many repairs are even easy for homeowners to fix themselves. Here are some tips to help you fix a leaky faucet fast!

What Type of Faucet Do You Have?

Faucets may all have the same function and look similar, but that doesn’t mean they are all the same. There are four different types of faucets. They are as follows:

• Cartridge

• Compression

• Ball

• Ceramic Disk

Knowing which one you have will help you determine what needs to be repaired in the event of a leak.

Change the Washer in a Compression Valve

Does your faucet have two separate handles for hot and cold water? This is a compression faucet. It is the only type of faucet that has a washer. Washers can corrode and break down over time leading to leaks. Try replacing the washer to fix a leaky compression valve.

Check the O-Ring in Your Cartridge or Compression Faucet

The job of the O-ring is to create a tight, waterproof seal. If this part comes loose or is damaged, the seal is compromised and a leak will form bear the handle. Our licensed plumbers always start with replacing the O-ring if there is a leak near the handle.

Replacing the Cartridge Valve

This is an option when you have a cartridge faucet. In fact, it may be the only option. Usually, when a cartridge valve leaks, the entire cartridge will require replacement. This is a straightforward repair that can cost as little as $15 if you do it yourself.

When to Call a San Dimas Plumber

If in doubt, call a San Dimas plumber for professional repair and replacement services. At My San Dimas Plumber Hero, we provide quality repairs at exceptional prices. Call today to schedule an appointment!

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Put Off Water Pipe Leak Repair

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Professional water pipe leak repair in San Dimas by leak detection plumbers near you.Are you concerned about a water leak in your home? Homes are damaged every day from unexpected plumbing issues that include busted pipes, slab leaks, and other sources of flooding. My San Dimas Plumber Hero, the leading leak detection plumber in the area, urges homeowners to pay close attention to the signs of leaky pipes and take action sooner rather than later.

Water Leaks Cause Significant Damage

When a leaky pipe goes unnoticed, it doesn’t just cause minor damage. It can gut parts of your home, resulting in expensive repairs that can include replacing drywall, flooring, and even fixing structural issues. If you notice a wet area in your home, call a 24 hour plumber in San Dimas to come out and perform leak detection services.

Water Leaks Cause Mold Growth

It doesn’t take much for mold to grow. In fact, just 1-2 inches of water is all that is necessary for mold to begin to grow. After 24-48 hours of water damage, mold can begin to spread and start to cause damage to your home as well as become a health hazard.

Water Leaks Cost You Money

You already know that a water leak can cost you money in plumbing and repair costs. What you might not know is that the longer your home is subject to a water leak, the more money you waste in water costs. Over time, this can add up to hundreds of dollars. Why waste your money and put your home at risk?

Call for Water Pipe Repair Today!

When you need water pipe repair in San Dimas, you need expert leak repair specialists. At My San Dimas Plumber Hero, we have a team of the finest water pipe leak repair plumbers in San Dimas. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can pinpoint the exact location of slab leaks, kitchen and bathroom leaks, and outdoor leaks quickly to minimize damage and expense.

To connect with a 24 hour plumber, give us a call now!

Avoid these 3 Scary Plumbing Situations

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Drain cleaning by San Dimas plumbers near youAs licensed plumbers, we’re used to taking most plumbing problems in stride, yet we know that homeowners aren’t always prepared for unexpected plumbing emergencies. While most problems are easily solvable, to the average person a lot of plumbing problems can be downright scary.

Here are 3 scary plumbing situations that you can avoid with proper care and maintenance of your plumbing system.

Clogged Drains

When a toilet backs up or a shower won’t drain, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that something major is at play. More likely than not, it’s a clog that can easily be remedied with professional drain cleaning methods. You can prevent most major clogs by being careful about what is flushed down the toilet and removing gunk from the surface of the drains every so often (think soap scum and hair). Also, if you have small children in the house, install a toilet lock or keep the bathroom door closed to avoid the accidental flushing of toys and other small objects.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can be caused by clogs, water pressure issues, and corrosion. Keeping your drains clog-free can prevent most pipe damage. You can avoid corrosion by saying no to chemical drain cleaners. Also, avoid rinsing other chemicals down the drain that may cause rot and other problems.

Water Heater Leaks

Homeowners who witness water seeping from around their water heater have a right to be scared. It’s true that water heater repair is expensive, especially if you have to replace your water. However, there are many reasons that water heaters leak. Don’t jump to conclusions. Call a trained San Dimas plumber to check out the problem. Regular water heater maintenance can go a long way too. Annual draining and appliance checks are recommended.

To learn more about how you can avoid scary plumbing situations, call your friendly, local plumbers at My San Dimas Plumber Hero. We’re always here to help you out of a jam!