5 Signs Your Tap Water May Be Contaminated

Are you concerned your home’s tap water may be contaminated? Occasionally, homeowners get a bitter taste in their mouths when brushing their teeth or drinking from the tap. When this happens, it’s easy to jump to conclusions. Before you do, read this to learn more about water quality problems and when to be concerned.

The Water Has a Metallic Taste

Does your water taste like metal? If you live in an older home with lead pipes, the problem could be bits of lead flaking off and getting into the water. Call a plumber to check your pipes if you think you have lead issue.

Your Water Tastes Like a Swimming Pool

Have you noticed a strong chlorine odor and taste coming from your water? Chlorine is actually added to public water supplies to eliminate bacteria and other harmful substances in the water. In small amounts, chlorine won’t hurt you. However, it doesn’t make your water taste good. Install a filter on your kitchen faucet to get rid of the chlorine taste in your drinking water.

Your Water Smells and Tastes Like Rotten Eggs

This is sulfur that you’re tasting and smelling. It’s not harmful, but it sure doesn’t taste good. Like chlorine, sulfur odors and the bad taste it leaves behind on your tongue can be erased with a good quality water filter.

Low Water Pressure Problems

Does your water taste bad and you have low water pressure problems? This is a sign that your water pipes have corroded and the flakes of piping have caused a backup. Call a plumber in San Dimas to come out and see if this is the issue. If it is, the only real solution is to replace the damaged pipes with copper or PVC piping.

Your Water Is Cloudy

Cloudy water is a sign that some minerals haven’t been filtered out of the water. Households that have hard water tend to have these problems. Installing a water softener can eliminate hard water problems and protect your pipes and water-using appliances and fixtures from sediment buildup.

There’s Dirt in the Water

No one wants to turn on their faucets and dirt spews out. When this happens, stop using the water and call a plumber to inspect your water pipes. It’s possible there’s a small crack in the main water line that’s letting dirt in. You want to fix these cracks to stop the problem.

At My San Dimas Plumber Hero, we want you to enjoy clean water. If you’re concerned about water quality at your house, call us. We’ll send one of our experts to your home today to figure out what’s happening

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