Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement in San Dimas, CA

Are strange noises coming from your garbage disposal? These kitchen appliances are noisy by design, but if your disposal is suddenly humming a different tune this could be a signal that something is wrong. If you’re greeted by an unexpected sound when you turn on your garbage disposal, turn it off and call My San Dimas Plumber Hero. Things like loose propeller blades and foreign objects in the disposal can cause your disposal to sound differently, but so can more serious issues like a problem with the motor.

Our priority is to help San Dimas, CA, homeowners take care of problems with their garbage disposals as they arise. Not only do we aim to deliver outstanding garbage disposal repair and installation services, but we make it a point to help our customers understand how to use and take care of their disposals so they can avoid major repairs.

Tips to Keep Your Disposal Working

If you want your garbage disposal to last for a long while, you have to pay attention to what you put into it. Overfilling a disposal is not good for longevity. Eventually this behavior will dull the blades and weaken the motor.

It’s also important to realize that disposals are only meant to grind up biodegradable food waste. You can reduce the chances of metal, glass, or plastic objects from falling into the receptacle by keeping these objects away from the kitchen sink.

Sometimes disposals clog. If this happens, you can try to loosen the clog yourself by running hot water into the disposal to liquefy any fatty or greasy substances. But, if this doesn’t work, you should call for professional drain cleaning services. Using store bought, chemical cleaners is not suggested because these products can be too strong and ineffective. It is also possible that a backed up sink is the result of something else and not a clog. Only qualified plumbing service performed by a licensed plumber can tell you exactly what is going on.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Garbage disposal replacement is not a major household expense like replacing a water heater. However, most of our customers would prefer to save their money if it is possible to repair a problem inexpensively. It is for this reason that we recommend letting one of our licensed contractors take a look before you run out to buy a new appliance if your current one stops working.

If it is determined that you do need to replace your appliance, our knowledge plumbing staff will help you select a new disposal and provide you with expert garbage disposal installation.

For a free repair quote or to learn more about our services including toilet repair and replacement, call My San Dimas Plumber Hero today!